#givingtuesday for Water

The American Water Works Association has been vital to the water equation for more than 130 years. AWWA's 50,000 members in 43 North American sections continue to help ensure high-quality water and wastewater service around the world and to advance the knowledge of today's water professionals, foster the next generation of water experts and ensure that every water system in every community is strong and reliable.

Yet much remains to be done. And we need your help.

Your tax-deductible contribution to our work is more than a drop in the bucket. Just as small streams flow together to form powerful rivers, donations from individuals, businesses and foundations have collective impact. Whether you choose to make a one-time donation, a recurring gift through bank draft or credit card, a memorial gift to honor a loved one, or a deferred gift through your estate, your support is critical to water's future.

The AWWA Water Equation Campaign transforms water in three areas of charitable work—Water Workforce Advancement, Community Water Outreach & Education and Global Water Outreach.

More details on the Giving Tuesday movement here and AWWA's Water Equation campaign here.