A membership with WEF or AWWA is one of the most valuable assets for a water professional. Our organizations provide continuing education in the most pressing issues of our industry, such as rehabilitation of infrastructure, resource use efficiency or climate change preparedness. Also, as a member you get to be in contact with the water industry's leaders and academics, and our organizations serve as the development field for many leaders!

Any water professional participating in the industry as an operator, an administrative employee, a student or any other category, can be part of these associations. We invite you to be part of the organizations where water professionals belong; become a member today! You can access AWWA's membership or WEF's membership documents.


PRW&EA is committed with the professional development of water and wastewater treatment plant operators and to facilitate that process. PRW&EA offers a comprehensive curriculum for operators of all classes, more information about our curricula will be published in the next weeks.


PRW&EA, through AWWA and WEF provide students with many opportunities to learn and network in this complex world. Student awards, design competitions, poster and paper competitions, complimentary magazines and networking opportunities are just a few of those benefits a student membership offers.  

There are various student chapters in Puerto Rico, these provide our organization a way to scout and develop new leaders in the water field. Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez and Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico, Hato Rey are our two historic student chapters, located in our two main engineering universities.

PRW&EA UPRM chapter - Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Pedro J. Tarafa Vélez, PE, PhD is the advisor of the chapter, a professor in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources. Marvic Carmona de Jesús is the president, a Chemical Engineering graduate, now pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Engineering. The chapter can be contacted at



PRW&EA UPHR chapter - Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico, Hato Rey

Ginger Rossy Robles, PhD is an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering and serves as the chapter's advisor. Josué Ortiz Burgos is the President, a Civil Engineering undergraduate. The chapter can be contacted at