PRW&EA unveils new image, web presence

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Based on results revealed by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), PRW&EA changed its web site and digital image for the first time in almost four years. The SPC published a Membership Satisfaction Survey earlier this year to all members where, among other ideas, it was suggested to renew the organization's image and web site functionality. Although the web site has already begun operation, the site entered a beta stage where members can present their comments or suggestions. Still after a few months of the beta stage, the web site will be constantly monitored and will undergo other changes, in an as-needed basis.

The president of the Website and IT Committee, Héctor Camareno is also calling out to the membership, looking for volunteers with the committee. "We want anyone with some experience in writing and web applications and social media use to come to us, we have a lot of plans."

William Carrión Hernández, PRW&EA's President, mentioned that "our organization has a history of commitment to the professional development of water treatment plant operators and the technical assistance of small community aqueduct systems through the work of its committees and volunteers. It is important for us to have a web site that our members and visitors can use for information and guidance."