PRW&EA Officially Opens Headquarters

PRW&EA Opens New Headquarters.

Inaug. Oficina PRW&EA 122.JPG

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - In the midst of good music, classic seasonal food and great camaraderie, a new period in the history of the organization officially started when a group of members of PRW&EA inaugurated the headquarters. Looking for an office had been a task other boards had tried to complete, but 2014 was the year it was finally achieved. The place had been in use by the organization since October of last year, but the proximity to the new year was deemed a good occasion by the President and the Board of Directors.

The gathering started in the back of the building, with beers and wine the members brought and some bacalaítos fritters. Later, President William Carrión Hernández invited all present members to come to the front of the building for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. After the ceremony, all members were welcomed to the meetings’ room, where a canvas awaited to be signed by all members. This canvas would be later framed and exhibited in the same room it was signed. The gathering continued after the signing with food and music.

For this important event, the Board of Directors of PRW&EA was accompanied by the owner of the building, Elpidio González Rivera, and various past presidents of the organization, such as Irma M. López Santos, Rafael A. Ortiz Díaz, Exel F. Colón Rivera and Carlos M. Velázquez Figueroa, among others. Representatives of other organizations, such as AIDIS and IIQ-CIAPR, were also present during the ceremony.