Paleros Induction Ceremony 2015

Paleros PRWEA 2015 162.JPG

SAN JUAN - The Paleros Committee of PRW&EA recognized the careers of two distinguished professionals in the wastewater field in Puerto Rico. These were current president William Carrión Hernández and Hans X. Figueroa, in a ceremony held at El Zípperle restaurant in Hato Rey.


The Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5S) was created to recognize those Member Association (MA) members whose "outstanding, meritorious service" has been "above and beyond the call of duty" in the wastewater field. Inductees are selected, there are no dues to pay, nor there are rules for induction; although there are some guidelines.

The initiation ceremony is conducted by an existing Sludge Shoveler, in this case, WEF Delegate and chair of the Paleros Committee, agronomist Johnny E. Guardiola Vargas. The recipient is awarded a badge (shovel) and certificate. Certificates are signed by the Influent Integrator as pH7 and by any other twelve members for the remaining concentrations from pH1 to pH14.